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This page has been created to provide easy access to the information that you need to serve your online students.
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Exam Time Multiplier

If you have a student who requires extended time to complete online exams and quizzes, please complete the form below. 
The Multiplier is set at the Administrative level and will affect all courses in which the student is enrolled.  The Multiplier will not be removed from the system until you have emailed the lCCOC Student Services Manager; thus, the multiplier is active for all terms of enrollment.
The exam time multiplier only works for exams/quizzes set up within an eCourse, eCompanion or Hybrid course located in the online system.  If instructors are using publisher websites or software, the instructor will also have to make adjustments on the publisher websites or in the software. 
Exam Time Multiplier Form
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Student Services, Library & Bookstore Contacts

Click on the  Contacts  link at the top of the page.  
The link below will take you directly to a list of Student Services staff members at each of the colleges.
Student Services Contacts

Student Success & Retention Rates

Student success and retention rates can be found on this secure page for each college and the ICCOC by term.
This is a secured page for ICCOC Partner College Staff Only.

Out-of-State Students

The link below provides information about the authorization of distance education (offering online courses/programs) within each state.   A list of contacts for each state is provided on this webpage.
Information from WCET