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Student Orientation

If you have not taken an online class from an ICCOC Partner college before, it is very important that you take some time to read through this page and use the tools provided to prepare for the start of your online class.
Technical Requirements
Student Ethics Statement

Confirmation Email

The confirmation email you receive after registering contains your User ID/Username and your course enrollment as well as other helpful information and instructions for accessing your ICCOC online courses, hybrid courses and eCompanions.

The confirmation email does NOT tell you in which term you are enrolled.  To verify in which term you are enrolled and the start date of the term, please contact the Registrar's Office at your home college or view your Course List on your personal student homepage.
Didn't receive a confirmation email?
  • Confirm your enrollment at your college
  • Check the email address used by your college
  • Search the junk mail/spam folders of your email account

Accessing Your Online Class

Most students will access their online classes through their home colleges' portals and will use their login credentials for their own colleges' portals.  If you do not use a college portal or your college portal is down, you may log in through the ICCOC's portal at . Your username for this portal is the same as your college portal; however, you will need to use the "Forgot your password?" link to request a password reset link.
If you cannot access your online courses using your college portal, please contact your home college's helpdesk  for assistance.  
If you cannot access your online courses via the ICCOC Portal at, you may use the "Forgot your password?" link to request a password reset link be emailed to you or contact the ICCOC Helpdesk for assistance at 800-970-8228. 

Personal Student Homepage

After you log in through your college portal or the ICCOC's portal, you will be on your personal student homepage within the online system.
On your personal student homepage, you will find:
  • Links to informational webpages
  • Information & Announcements for Online Students
  • Student Resources Information
  • Special Courses
  • Access to your courses 

My Profile

My Profile is located at the top-right corner of your personal student homepage.
From here, you can change your password, email address and security information.

The email address located in "My Profile" is the email address being used by your instructor, classmates and the ICCOC staff.  Please remember that the email address used by your college may be different.  If you were assigned a college email address, then your college may automatically send information to that address.

Special Courses 

If this is your first term enrolled as an online student through an ICCOC partner college, then we recommend that you check out these
non-credit courses.  You have access to these courses as soon as you are enrolled in an online course and able to log in through your college portal or at .

**The Student Orientation Tutorial was created to help you learn how to navigate your online course and use the tools within your course.

**The SOS Strategies for Student Online Success was created to provide important information as well as helpful tips for online learning success.  Within this resource, you will actually get to use the course tools and get a "real" feel for an ICCOC online course.

Proper Communication

Please remember to use proper written communication skills when sending email messages to faculty and staff:
  • Use complete sentences, capitalization and punctuation
  • Reference the course in which you are enrolled
  • "Sign" your messages with your first and last name

Concerns About Your Instructor

The ICCOC's process for handling sudents' concerns about instructors are as follows: 
  1. Communicate with your instructor to try and resolve the issue.
  2. If you are not satisfied with the instructor's decision or response, contact the  Dean or Director of  Distance Learning  at your home college to express your concern.
  3. The Dean/Director of Distance Learning at your home college will contact the instructor or the instructor's Dean/Director of   Distance Learning.