Technical Support
The current ICCOC Learning Management System (LMS) Help Desk for Pearson is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
until August 20, 2017.  It provides support for technical issues with your online course such as error messages, exam technical issues and login problems. 
Beginning with Fall 2017 courses, the ICCOC will be using Canvas as our Learning Management System.  For assistance with technical issues related to Canvas, please click on the button for information.
Canvas Help
College Help Desks
Each college has its own help desk to assist you with technical issues with your campus portal to the ICCOC LMS, including your campus email account, if one is provided.
Eastern Iowa

Iowa Lakes
800-242-5106 ext. 8383

North Iowa Area NIACC Help Desk

Northwest Iowa
Sarah Fykstra
800-352-4907 ext. 266 or ext. 141

Doug Greene

Western Iowa Tech
712-274-8733 ext. 1461 
Individuals and Departments to Contact for Help
Your instructor is there to answer any questions that you have about your course, the course material, textbook and related software/website issues, your grades, missed assignments and other issues affecting your performance in the course.  Contact information for your instructor should be provided within your course; you can also use the Email tool within your course to contact your instructor.

The Dean or Director of Distance Learning at your college is available to work through any issues or concerns that you have with an online instructor or online course.

The Student Services staff members at your college are there to help you in many different ways: 
  • Academic advisors and registration personnel are there to answer questions about your major, program or degree and transcript.
  • Academic advisors can also assist you with enrollment in online courses. 
  • The Business Office staff can talk to you about tuition and fee charges and help you make arrangements for payment. 
  • Financial Aid staff will go through the financial aid process and help determine your eligibility for different types of student aid. 
  • Bookstore staff will get you the right textbook and course materials for your online classes. 
  • Library staff can help you with online searches and point you toward valuable resources. 
  • Tutoring Center staff may  provide you with additional assistance needed to get the grade you want for a particular course.
  • Disability Services staff will help you to gather the appropriate paperwork and documentation to develop Accommodations Plan.  
  • Testing Center staff will be available to schedule proctored exams, if needed.  
ICCOC Student Services Manager
Tracy Sleep is the ICCOC Student Services Manager and may be be reached at 319-759-0497 or
She can help you with the following:
  • Answers general questions about the ICCOC
  • Confirms enrollments
  • Provides login information and assistance
  • Checks course offerings
  • Directs you to individuals and departments at your college that can best serve your needs 
Still have questions? 
If you have issues accessing Online Tutoring through the link within your course, contact the ICCOC Student Services Manager. 
After accessing Online Tutoring through your course, you may contact Smarthinking's customer service via the Customer
Service tab on the home page or directly at
Assistance with Library Services (available through your online course) is provided by the Library staff members at your college.
Concerns About Your Instructor
The ICCOC's process for handling sudents' concerns about instructors are as follows: 
Communicate with your instructor to try and resolve the issue.
If you are not satisfied with the instructor's decision or response, contact the Dean or Director of  Distance Learning at your home college to express your concern.
The Dean/Director of Distance Learning at your home college will contact the instructor or the instructor's Dean/Director of Distance Learning.